Welcome, Agents

I hope launching this blog on April 1st  encourages a bit of whimsy to this blog, rather than being some kind of bad omen.

My plan is to blog about a range topics, as suits my fancy.  I am very interested in multiagent systems (MAS) technology and applications, and I believe it can and should have major positive contributions to many facets of our modern world. I expect MAS to be the topic of most of my posts.  The semantic web and knowledge graph technologies are a way to efficiently represent and reason about complex data.  As a member of IBM’s Watson project (see disclaimer below), I spend quite a bit of time thinking about natural language processing (NLP).  Mathematics has always fascinated me, and I have “mental back-burners” that are constantly churning on such things.  Java and various web technologies could easily find their way into some of my posts.  Rest assured, I have no plans to post vacation or baby pictures, or meaningless updates on where I’m currently eating, drinking, or stuck in traffic.

I encourage comments of both serious and less-serious natures.

Scott Gerard (gerard at gerard.guru)

Standard disclaimer:  I am personally responsible for all content.  I am not speaking on behalf of my employer.

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