New Job

After  spending almost 5 years working in IBM’s Watson and Watson Health groups, I am moving on.

I am extremely pumped to join IBM Research.  This is a dream come true !

We’re beginning work on a project called Cognitive Eldercare.  Our goal is to keep elders in their home (or assisted living facility) as long as possible and prudent.  With the planet’s aging population, there is an absolutely gi-nor-mous market for eldercare solutions, especially those that cognitively integrate many disparate aspects.

My task is to build the key foundational layer called Knowledge Reactor which is a large, Titan, graph database, extended to emit (react to) graph changes by publishing those changes to a Kafka messaging infrastructure.  We’ll also work (play is more accurate) with lots of IoT devices:  sensors, effectors, robots, drones, and who knows what else.

All that would be cool enough.  But the best part, is we’re going to be writing a lot of agents that react to incoming events and graph change events.  So, I’ll get to build more multi agent systems, and extend my PhD research.

Can life get any better?  God is good !

2 thoughts on “New Job

  1. Andrew Freed

    Scott, best wishes on your new endeavor! Sorry to see you go but I’m glad you are getting to do what you want to. I hope we still work together on the invention boards.


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